Helping good become great

The founders of Trinity bring a unique skill set that constantly delivers on desired outcomes, thanks to core values which allow for alignment with our partners.

Our core values ensure alignment with all groups we partner with


Transparency is the foundation upon which we build our relationships. At every touch point, our partners feel safe and secure.


Measuring ourselves against expectations drives accountabilities in our business. In turn, this drives our focus on performance.


We are relentless in our pursuit of results; everything we do is executed with conviction. This aligns with a clear, easily understood roadmap.

Our leadership

Elite networking enabled by over 70 years of experience with proven results.

Ed Sill


Sam Mitchell


Kevin Keaney


Trinity Capital have supplemented their strengths with the appointment of an Advisory Board to provide strategic and commercial direction.

Edward Kemp

Advisory Board

Richard Garvey

Advisory Board

Peter Thornely

Advisory Board


In addition to the Advisory Board, Trinity has expanded its business acumen and capabilities through the following appointments:

Manish Sundarjee

An Audit Committee under the independent guidance of Manish Sundarjee of Lipins Partners. Manish provides an additional layer of Governance to underpin Trinity’s core value of trust.

William Buck, Accountants and Advisors

We have also appointed William Buck, Accountants and Advisors, to act as auditors for Trinity Growth. William Buck is renowned for its ‘360 degree’ support philosophy and will add another important element of transparency and trust to the organisation.