Building businesses and creating opportunities

Great businesses come in all shapes and sizes. By focusing on the opportunity, we can help drive the journey from good to great.

Hands-on leadership

Supporting business leaders is critical. We invest heavily into our people – we value servant leadership. How can we help? What experiences have we had that are relevant?

Unearth opportunity

Good businesses start with great management. Growth opportunities are central to our identification process. Where can this business go? Where could it be in 5 years time? Can we shape the future?

Drive real growth

Results must be tangible and achievable. All good businesses have a balanced scorecard approach. We are no different.

Investment philospohies

Markets we like:
  • Waste recycling

  • Mining and quarrying consumables

  • Construction

  • Infrastructure

Management teams we like:
  • Have passion

  • See the big picture

  • Are subject matter experts

  • Have long development runways

Business fundamentals:
  • No red flags: we are not ‘turnaround’ focused

  • Clear growth strategies that make sense

  • Strong market positions

COVID-19 has us focussed on:
  • Supply chain disruption

  • Nationalistic opportunities

  • Creating Australian jobs

Investment criteria

Experience tells us there are definitive traits of a business which Trinity recognises as ‘best fit’ for our model. Naturally, within these parameters we apply significant flexibility, but as a starting point we look for:

  • Ownership
  • Growth outlook
    Long-term growth orientated
    Understand changing market dynamics
  • Business size
    Turnover $5m - $100m
    Strong management / ownership
    Growth pathways
  • KPIs
  • Areas of interest
    Australian Sovereignty support
    Supply chain integration post COVID-19
    Recycling & Renewables
  • Investment type
    $5m to $20m
  • Exit strategy
    Business specific
    Focus on long-term value creation