Welcome: An introduction to Trinity Capital

Trinity Capital and Advisory aren’t your typical investment fund. We’re a fund with a purpose.

We identify a clear gap in the market where there is an absence of a personalised approach that actively involves the client throughout the investment process.

Beyond having a great bond with our clients, our successful track record is enough to convince others to jump on board. And our approach is simple, yet hard to attain.

At Trinity, the secret lies behind the team driving our forces. With a close knit trio of accomplished Directors, we have managed to successfully align commercial and personal needs for our clients.

Our deep insights into our focused industries has given us the advantage over other private investors with a clear track record of success. Connections with well-resourced industry partners allow us to help build a mutual pathway to future success through a singular or multifaceted method. From consultancy to equity investments, acquisitions, growth opportunities and exit plans, a world with Trinity is an oyster.

Trinity stands out by being personal with the aim of sharing common goals.

For the individual seeking opportunities to generate higher returns with their investments, our family-oriented approach enables a deeper understanding of mutual benefit and targets.

For small medium enterprises, our diverse background provides the ultimate partnering opportunity for growth and the next stage beyond the business.

Our core values of Integrity, Performance, and Relentless are engraved deeply into our practice. And given the current global situation, these values have become much more emphatic and embedded as we enter a phase of great change.

High integrity

Honesty is never compromised at Trinity. We achieve success through building trust with business owners and investors. Our transparency has facilitated a deep bond among our industry partners.

High performers

We have a strong track record of getting the job done with consistency that exceeds expectations. We place our energy and skills into areas that will allow us to deliver on what we say we’ll deliver.


Ambition and confidence are our driving factors. Our relentlessness for success, combined with a unified value and belief allows us to achieve maximum performance.

Why choose Trinity?

At Trinity Capital and Advisory, our purpose is to build a strong trust with investors with the subsequent result of becoming a respected fund that operates in a performance environment.

We deliver on what we say we’ll deliver. With extensive hands-on experience, exceptional networks, and a strong work ethic that places a high importance on working with businesses and investors that align with our core values, your investment experience becomes personal and reliable.

We actuate our extensive experience and history of success by utilizing a select group of investing partners. This advantage enables us to successfully work with businesses and investors to align interests and attain goals.

Our Investment Areas

  • Partner expertise
  • Partner aligned expertise
  • Market growth
    Renewable energy
    Safety & training
  • Niche
    Modern manufacturing
    Australian sovereignty

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