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With a diverse background that puts Trinity Capital and Advisory at an advantage, the synergy between Trinity’s three Directors creates an internal drive that provides the ultimate partnering opportunities for small medium enterprises and private investors alike.

Learn more about the outstanding successes achieved by our Directors and why they make the ideal investment team you want on your side.

Sam Mitchell

Both a player and manager of people, Sam has spent almost two decades at the pinnacle of Australian sport with two very different but elite organisations. His firsthand experience in strategy, motivation, team dynamics, critical thinking and psychology are unparalleled.

With his inside knowledge of the machinations of global sporting entities, Sam has the advantage of knowing what differentiates an average business from an outstanding commercial organisation.

While Sam has impressive accolades under his belt with an astonishing AFL career, playing 329 AFL games, 4 Premiership sides (captaining one of them) and a Brownlow Medal, the true magic in his investment knowledge lies behind his academic accomplishments having completed a Master’s in Business Administration at Monash. Beyond academics, Sam has appeared in multiple leadership training, including public speaking, culture development and organizational change management. 

Albeit having a strong appetite for leadership development and organisational theory, Sam’s real hunger lies in the transformation of people and organisations from ordinary to elite.

Kevin Keaney

Having completed a Master’s in Business Management at Monash, Kevin has solid market experience having built and sold businesses to both public listed and private enterprises. His achievements have not gone unaware, with success having led him to become the Director of Quantum Synergy (Vic) Pty Ltd Management Consultants. Duties included building and leading organisations of significant size, scale and complexity, managing both horizontal and vertical growth initiatives, and personally orchestrating and negotiating strategic mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures.

A rich career filled with disrupting the status quo, Kevin is renowned for helping organisations launch, execute operational models and build their corporate culture. His successes further extend to turnaround projects helping organisations achieve radical transformations and increase net profits.

Ed Sill

With a Bachelor of Business (Accounting) as a foundation of his career, Ed has the eagle eye for increasing and diversifying shareholder value. His entrepreneurial expertise has seen the launch of successful mergers and acquisitions, public equities, re-engineering of distressed financial structures and aligning the visions for merged corporate entities.

Once the Chief Executive Officer id the Locker Group, Ed initiated an industry roll up that led the Locker Group to revenues circa $200 million, culminating in a sale to a U.S. listed entity. The next 7 years saw him as the Vice President for Asia Pacific, where Ed managed further business expansions and diverse relationships in complex Asia Pacific regions, with a focus on Chinese business relationships.

Ed’s philanthropic practices and corporate management history has led him to several differing levels of involvement in the Australian Football League. As a volunteer Director, Ed’s passion and drive to deliver a better community correlates directly with his commercial skill set.

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